“There is music in words, and it can be heard you know – by thinking.”  

                   – E.L. Doctorow 



My name is Jon, and I like words…


I have no intention of becoming famous, or even to procure a significant readership at all – truth be told I am starting this to keep record, and embarrassingly enough a principal motivation for me is that this looks like an easy way for me to get whatever I am currently writing to my Mum, who as it stands is my the only subscriber. Thanks again Mum. Got my back.

If that changes, and someone else stumbles this way along a drunken internet pathway, then know this:

I harbour no thoughts of grandeur, and only pray that any insults directed might be well camouflaged, or perhaps preferably, shared behind my back and from considerable distance.

I am a professed Luddite; a Technophobe; this will not come easily to me. I would prefer to send out a carrier pigeon than a Snapchat – I am hoping this reference is the fashionable app du jour of the moment, but I cannot be sure – I’m still trying to work out what an email Cc is…

My motivation: to write, and to think, and to write a bit more. And to keep a record.

My theme? Not sure – its quite eclectic in my head as it stands. Might be a short story, a poem, a song lyric, an essay about politics, a thought, a rant, an event,  a question, one word only – whatever. When I get the hang of it, I might even insert a photo at some stage.

But the driver of this is words. Hopefully a few big ones, and some well placed shorter ones too.

So, thanks for coming down.

Now I just have to work out to upload this bloody thing…


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