A Friend On Tim Fuk Road

9 past 4 in the afternoon
Hong Kong late July
Leaves wither, foreheads shimmer;
An “Energising Refreshment”
On a brick barrier wall
And several earnestly thrown smiles
From a new boy in town

A small road, a thoroughfare
An Audi;
Two hands holding each other
Endless potential

The man to the left of me sweats
As he lifts the archaic slab
With well worked hands;
He stops
And peers into eternity

He draws on a straw
Buried in another
“Energising Refreshment”

We join eyes for a second
Nothing more.

But then, and there,
Between him and me
There was at once
A distance
And a closeness
On Tim Fuk Road

HK – 29 / 7 / 2013

(Written on the first day I arrived in Hong Kong)


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