Miracle On a Samsung

A miracle just happened – the most beautiful thing you could ever see. Like magic, or true love, or life staring straight at you in the face.

And they all look down.

They all look down at these things you can use on the toilet, or on the train when you are in a tunnel and there is nothing else to do. Or when you are waiting for someone to meet you who is running late.

But a miracle never waits.

If they are not looking down, then they turn their backs to the miracle. Never looking around once, all the while holding a stiff saccharine smile and two fingers up; while another looks through a screen, and gets the frame just right through several flashy filters.

While beauty, life and all the world goes on behind them.

When did we stop noticing the world? You can’t bottle it in a file as a pale imitation of something you actually might have missed in the first place. Memories and keeping records and being connected are hugely important, but not at the expense of the actual experience itself.

Why is “The Future” so much more important than the “Right Now”? Seeing it now, feeling it now, knowing it AS IT HAPPENED – unadulterated and pure – shouldn’t that should be equally important as seeing it later?

Not remembering it three months later as you edit your phone photos while you sit on a toilet and take a shit.

What can you possibly remember about something that you might never really have experienced in the first place?

There needs to be balance – there needs to be moments where as humans we, the ones who were present, the onlookers, the Now, the I Was Here, the witnesses – where they can share that miracle in itself, by themselves or together, for what that moment was: a moment of beauty, or of life, or of meaning.

Connected with an experience, not a machine.

Seeing without a zoom, feeling without a vibration alert, hearing only the world and nothing else –  maybe only for a second –

That is all that I am asking for.

And once that moment has happened, snap away all you like – keep the record, somebody needs to. But enjoy knowing that you actually were in that place and time and can probably still see it with your eyes closed.

Feel the wind. Look around. Hear God in whatever creed, whatever shape, whatever form you know your God to be:

Look straight at a miracle.

And put your fucking phone away – just for one minute.


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